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Cocoa town

Cocoa town


During the roasting process, the cocoa beans are constantly tumbling inside a slowly rotating stainless steel vat. The beans are heated by convective heat (heating element) and conductive heat (from the oven drum) to get an even roasted bean.


Stainless steel is hygienic and easy to clean

Roasting roller - used to roast beans evenly

2-4 lbs (1-2 kg) - ideal for lab-scale or professional-scale operations

0-120 minutes analog timer

Heating elements at the top and bottom of the convection and conduction units efficient heating

150-500F (65.5-260C) - Wide range

Cocoat basic winnower / cocoa bean peeler

This compact, state-of-the-art dustpan can separate 20 pounds (10 kg) of crushed cocoa beans per hour. Employing advanced airflow technology, the Cocoa Base Dustpan effectively separates the cocoa nib (cocoa nib) from the shell, minimizing waste and cross-contamination. Our unique enclosure collection system with cyclone ensures dust-free operation and microbial control. It's perfect for use in any production environment.

The CocoaT Alkaline Dustpan has been rigorously tested and continuously improved to achieve 99.9% nib/case separation in the first pass. It has a footprint of less than 2 square feet (about 0.2 square meters) suitable even in small production spaces. The transparent front plate of the hair dryer, the transparent cyclone separator and the chaff collection box make it a display stop when used in front of customers or guests. It offers a huge curb attraction. The CocoaT basic winnowing unit consists of a main separation column, a collection rack and tray to hold clean nibs, a cyclone separator to filter dust, a housing collection box to collect housing and dust, a vacuum for airflow and an airflow regulator to regulate the airflow to effectively separate the nibs. Assembly is simple, requiring only a hexagonal key (for ease of attaching to the unit with tape) and a 10 mm wrench. It takes less than 15 minutes to assemble the entire unit. This is the best price and performance dustpan on the market.


Cocoat Jr roaster pi / roaster

Cocoat Jr coaster pi / roaster during the baking process, cocoa beans are constantly rolling in slowly rotating stainless steel barrels. The beans are heated by convection heat (heating element) and conduction heat (from oven roller), so as to obtain uniform roasted beans.

Cocoat basic winnower / cocoa bean peeler

This compact, state-of-the-art dustpan can separate 20 pounds (10 kilograms) of broken cocoa beans per hour.

Ecgc-12slta melanger / cocoa bean grinder

Deluxe melange ecgc-12slta is the latest version of Deluxe melange with an extra choice of chocolate trim grinding process.